G&S Trading List

Welcome to the G&S Trading List, the premier place to find G&S Markets, Farms and RP Sims in SecondLife.

Our Traders take pride in presenting the highest quality G&S locations which provide variety and great diversity – Markets with merchant stalls and animal pens filled with G&S items to purchase or rentals for your own G&S business; Farms and RP Sims with their own market stalls for G&S trading and sales … and of course engaging role play!

SL URL wiill open a LM teleport link inworld.

URL will open a page with TP link, group link and information about the Market/Farm/RP Sim.

To add your G&S landmark and information to the G&S TRADING LIST, please read the Contact page for information.

*Updated September 2018*

** WARNING: The following are banned from G&S for creating and selling illegal items! Associate and/or purchase from them at your own risk!! Any $L you pay to them is supporting a G&S hacker and cheat:   Sparklea Resident (banned from SL)    777gr Resident (banned from SL)    Vinniec Resident    Roran Spyker    Volterius Rasa    Petra Polik   Gemstone Market (Cherry Spot) 

(Inworld TP)
(Info & TP Link)
Best Deals Market
Best Deals Market II
Amazing Paradise
Amazing Paradise II
Blue Star FarmsKinstall HillMarket FarmModerate
Caer Cadarn MarketEncrypted IslandRP Market FarmYesAdult
Co-Op MarketHunters XXIIIMarketOptionalModerateCo-Op-Market
Dresdens DenWild AngelsMarket AuctionOptionalModerateDresdens-Den
Dumassmo VillageDumassmo VillageRP Market FarmYesAdultDumassmo-Village
FaeriesProd Homeland MarketCaleRP MarketOptionalAdult
Feral WoodsFeral Woods 1RP Market FarmYesAdult
Green Valley Farm & MarketRWMMarket FarmOptionalModerateGreen-Valley
Guardian de las SombrasGysRP MarketYesModerateGuardian
*Hellz Bunny Farm Market*Amazing Paradise IIMarket FarmModerate
Hermes Animal Farm & MarketImmortals
RP Market FarmAdultHermes
Hunters Vineyard & WineryHunters XXIIIMarketOptionalModerate
Korat Farm StallJungles of MistRP MarketYesAdult
Lar-Torvis MarketCaemarvonMarketOptionalModerateLar-Torvis
The Macellum in Pompeii
Romanum VIIIMarketAdultMacellum-in-Pompeii
MOffat FarmAgua VidaMarket FarmAdult
Myrkviðr FjordAnango IslandFarmOptionalAdultMyrkviðr-Fjord
Papitoland G&S Market and RPVelvet RoseRP Market FarmOptionalAdult
Plaisir Élevé Sunset ParadiseRP FarmOptional Adult
Port of PiperVicoMarketOptionalModerate
Queendom of FindomEmpireRP MarketAdultQueendom of Findom
The Ravencrow Cooperative Markets and FarmSerena ItaparicaMarket FarmAdult
Rest For the Wicked FarmInanaFarmOptionalAdult
Twin Falls MarketApplegateMarketOptionalAdult
Umina Farm MarketRemonta
Wild Port Village & MarketAxel VillageRP MarketOptionalAdult