G&S Trading List

Welcome to the G&S Trading List, the premier place to find G&S Markets, Farms and RP Sims in SecondLife.

Our Traders take pride in presenting the highest quality G&S locations which provide variety and great diversity – Markets with merchant stalls and animal pens filled with G&S items to purchase or rentals for your own G&S business; Farms and RP Sims with their own market stalls for G&S trading and sales … and of course engaging role play!

SL URL wiill open a LM teleport link inworld.

URL will open a page with TP link, group link and information about the Market/Farm/RP Sim.

To add your G&S landmark and information to the G&S TRADING LIST, please read the Contact page for information.

*Updated 4 January 2018*

** WARNING: The following are banned from G&S for creating and selling illegal items! LL have been advised of their activities but unfortunately take their time doing anything to protect the creator and users of G&S. Associate and/or purchase from them at your own risk!! Any $L you pay to them is supporting a G&S hacker and cheat:   Sparklea Resident    777gr Resident    Vinniec Resident    Roran Spyker    Volterius Rasa    Petra Polik    Gemstone Market (Cherry Spot) 

(Inworld TP)
(Info & TP Link)
Best Deals Market
Best Deals Market II
Amazing Paradise
Amazing Paradise II
Co-Op MarketHunters XXIIIMarketOptionalModerateCo-Op-Market
Desdens DenWild AngelsMarket AuctionOptionalModerateDresdens-Den
FaeriesProd Homeland MarketCaleRP MarketOptionalAdult
Feral WoodsFeral Woods 1RP Market FarmYesAdult
Green Valley Farm & MarketRWMMarket FarmOptionalModerateGreen-Valley
Guardian de las SombrasGysRP MarketYesModerateGuardian
Korat Farm StallJungles of MistRP MarketYesAdult
Lar-Torvis MarketCaemarvonMarketOptionalModerateLar-Torvis
Papitoland G&S Market and RPLost InhibitionsRP Market FarmOptionalAdult
Port of PiperKartodovMarketOptionalModerate
Queendom of FindomEmpireRP MarketAdultQueendom of Findom
Quegmoor Farms
(RP for Shoppers)
HeraclesMarket FarmOptionalModerate
Rio-An Sim

Rio-An Market
Rio-An Sim (Private)

Rio-An Market
Market FarmYesModerateRio-An
The Macellum in Pompeii
Romanum VIIIMarketAdultMacellum-in-Pompeii
Twin Falls MarketApplegateMarketOptionalAdult
Umina Farm MarketRemonta
Village of ToSarAmbrosine IslandRP Market FarmYesAdultVillage-of-ToSar
Wagons of Turia BtBAmaltheaRP Market Farm AuctionYesAdultWagons-of-Turia
Waasi Shamba G&S MarketMojoRP MarketYesModerate
Wild Port Village & MarketAxel VillageRP MarketOptionalAdult