Vineyard Genomes


May 7, 2019

Two New Wine Flavours: Only available in the Tuna Tournaments ‘capture’ branch box … 2 current disappear, 2 new are added …


The branches of the vine are fragments of stems with buds and carry the genetic code of the mother vine, these are used in the propagator to create viable cuttings that will be planted in the vineyards.

Branch boxes with genome letters A B C are available to purchase for coins from the Main Store. “Capture” branch boxes with all current genome letters are caught as a special prize in the Tuna Tournaments!

The genome of a vineyard is configured by 6 genes that will give the wine its color, palate, aroma and nuances. It is represented as follows: (A00000)

 Gene Position 1
Wine Type
Gene Position 2
Gene Position 3
Gene Position 4
Gene Position 5
Gene Position 6
0 (zero)-Soft----
I--Bosk UrineBosk UrineBosk UrineBosk Urine
M --BloodBloodBloodBlood
*NEW* P--????
*NEW* Q--????

*Letters G and H are no longer available as an aroma/nuance in the tournament “capture” branch boxes*

Branch Genome Example: ABC00B is a Light Red Wine With aromas of Cinnamon And nuances of Fruits
A = Red wine
B = Light palate
= Cinnamon aroma
00 = Nothing
B = Fruits nuance

Palate: is a tasting term for the feel and flavour of a wine in the mouth.

Aroma: the scent of the wine. (The terms wine aroma and wine bouquet are used to classify the origin of where the smells come from: a wine aroma is derived from the grape variety, and a wine bouquet is derived from the winemaking process of fermentation and aging to describe the overall complexity in wine, the flavours of aged and developed wine, usually from more matured wine.)

Nuance: is used to describe the subtle characteristics of a wine’s taste and/or aroma (or both). (It identifies the multiple shadings or layers that are hard to detect, the slight degree of subtle difference, and draws on the details or undertones. A nuances can have many different attributes both positive and negative, which can help the taster distinguish which wines they prefer.)