G&S Trading is the premier place to find where to visit in Second Life for outstanding locations which use the [G&S] Guardian de las Sombras system by providing a directory listing of G&S Markets, Farms & RP Sims. It is also a resource site for all G&S products, animals and equipment with information, tips and links to instruction and support document files.

Knowing the right place to go, is everything.

Our Traders take pride in presenting the highest quality markets, farms and role play sims which provide variety and great diversity. They offer the widest choice to customers – trading, sales and engaging role play, a range of G&S animals for you to purchase and breed on your own land, G&S produce to prepare your RP items, a wide range of prepared meals and drinks, stall and land rentals for your own G&S business or fun, and more …

If you are looking for information about the many G&S products, recipes and animals, or are new to G&S, check out the About G&S pages to help start you on your own fun adventure with a wonderful interactive system.

For markets, farms and RP sims interested in joining G&S Trading web pages and inworld group, please read the Contact page for information.

** WARNING: The following are banned from G&S for creating and selling illegal items! Associate and/or purchase from them at your own risk!! Any $L you pay to them is supporting a G&S hacker and cheat:   Sparklea Resident (banned from SL)    777gr Resident (banned from SL)    Vinniec Resident    Roran Spyker    Volterius Rasa    Petra Polik   Gemstone Market (Cherry Spot)