Rence Plant / Planta de rence 

Plants die! Once rezzed and started for the first time the plants will die (turn black) if they spend more than 24 hours in the inventory or within any other object (a sim rollback can also kill the plant).

– z position must be 2.2m above the water height (with a margin of error of +/- 0.1 meter) and should be separated from each other by at least 1.5 meters from the centre of the plants.

* Check under Region settings for your lands water level (eg if water height is 20m, the z position for the rence plant must be set to 22.2):

– needs care to increase level 1-3, high dice roll on harvest adds 10% to progress (Caring for Fields).

– harvest every 7 days

– 1 harvest = 1 bale

– care will level up the rence plant and also quicken harvest time to approx. 5 days

– rence bales are used to produce beer (see Fermenter 2), cooked on the G&S Kitchens to produce a sack of flour with 10 bags to use in recipes or make paper (see Papyrus Factory) to write messages using the G&S Desk & send using Dovecote assigned vulo.

– rence bales are also used to make the baskets in the Basketwork. The quantity of Baskets manufactured varies depending on the level of the Rence bale:
Level 1 = 20
Level 2 = 160
Level 3 = 200

Sickle (see tools) can be used when caring to increase chance of high dice roll & success.

Level 1:
Always get rence level 1
Level 2:
90%  get rence level 1
10%  get rence level 2
Level 3:
70% getting rence level 1
20% getting rence level 2
10% getting rence level 3

Rence Beer Game
(Produce a barrel of rence beer on the Fermenter 2)
The game: After starting a game, you can not stop. Players must be at least 10 meters from the barrel. When the game starts each player must click on the barrel to get a jar. (Do not `wear` the jar until the countdown starts, otherwise you will not be included in the game). The countdown begins when the last jar is removed. (If there are more jars than players, the owner or any other player can extract the remaining jars to empty the barrel and start the game).

The prize for the winner depends on the barrel level and number of players:
Barrel Level 1 = 10 coins per player
Barrel Level 2 = 20 coins per player
Barrel Level 3 = 30 coins per player

Information & Help Files:
(scroll down in documents for English and other language translations)
– Rence Plant
Fermentor 2
– Papyrus Factory
– Desk