The Blacksmith requires ore from the Mines which are smelted into ingots on the Foundry, and can then be used to manufacture items on the Forge.

Forge / Forja

– The book of the blacksmith  [G&S] is provided with the Forge and contains basic formulas to get you started. Additional formulas are available at the Main Store to purchase for G&S Coins to add to your book.

– manufacture items listed in the Book of the Blacksmith; steel, scrap metal, tools, weapons, arrows, shields, lamps & cages.

– needs tharlarion oil for fuel.

– Hammer & Fire Tongs (see Tools) must be used

Foundry  / Horno de fundicion

– smelt gold, iron & copper to ingots to use on the forge.

– needs tharlarion oil for fuel – loads to 100%

– burns 2% fuel for per ingot

– 10 ore = 1 ingot

– takes approx 2 minutes to manufacture 1 ingot

– loads a maximum of 100 ore per use to make 10 ingots, you then need to load more ore (100 each time) to burn the remaining fuel

– if fuel runs out or the Foundry turns off,  you will lose all excess ore in the Foundry – can manufacture 50 ingots with one unit of oil but only if the timing is exact (eg 5 x 100 ore loads – is safer to be mindful of the fuel remaining for the last load of ore or you lose what remains in the foundry when the fuel runs out).

Grindstone / Piedra de afilar

– sharpen weapons

Shield Embosser / Grabadora de escudos

– retexture shields made with bronze ingots

– add custom texture (full perm)

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Shield Embosser