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Guardian de las Sombras (G&S) is an interactive system designed to enhance role play in Second Life. Based on the popular Gorean themed RPG’s, it is now used widely amongst many role play realms and for individual farming fun.

G&S offers a series of articles intended to enrich Role Play. The structure of the system simulates a production model set in Gor and designed to enrich the role play of trade / exchange between players or groups of players.

This system is divided into three main parts.

Objects Main (Main-Objects):
These are items that can be purchased for $lindens at the official G&S store or on the SL’s Marketplace web site. These objects can interact with each other, with avatar and other objects, and are responsible for creating objects of role-play (RP-Objects).

Objects Role-play (RP-Objects):
The objects generated by the system (grain, meat, iron, gold, etc.) and the currency (Coins [G & S]) have no real value outside the RP, they are just a dummy value in the game. Once one of these object is delivered to a player, they are then the owner, and as such can do with it whatever they want, provided it meets the TOC of Second Life.

The system is based on the following fundamental pillars:
1 – All objects are unique, so they will not copy and transferable.
2 – All rp objects have no real value, are ephemeral, can deteriorate and disappear and only make sense in the role-play.

You can use G&S to enhance your SL role play sim, for your own personal fun farm or set up your own SL G&S business. There are a variety of animals to raise and breed  for food, wool, milk and other products, fishing and tuna tournaments. Grow grain to feed your animals, cook or make paga and beer, grapes and ka-la-na to make wines. There are many other crops to grow, harvest and cook the recipes available to prepare meals or ferment to make drinks such as wine and beer. There are mines for iron and copper to craft farm tools and weapons as a blacksmith, grow trees to cut down and create fences, buildings and furniture as a carpenter. Basketry, pottery or spin wool to make thread and weave rugs or tapestries. You can become a Winemaker and create different types of wine, look for the most precious flavors and the most exotic nuances, combine them and create a unique wine. You can achieve mastery of “barrel maker” that lets you design your own barrels. You will have the option to create your own Appellation of origin to take your exclusive wines to the highest recognition.

The currency of G&S is gold and coins which you can mine for and convert the ore baskets to gold chests or coins to buy and sell your products. Trading is encouraged for interactive role play to acquire what you do not grow yourself.

The recipes to cook are eaten to add energy to your RP-Hud needed for the tasks you do using the system eg. caring for fields and plants, crafting on the blacksmith and carpentry equipment.

Originally designed for a Spanish Gor sim, the names of animals, food and drinks are Gorean. G&S RP items and products have a combination of Spanish/English names  and will translate to English when rezzed inworld. Most animals and equipment have a language option for Spanish or English on the menu. Google Translate is a handy internet tool to use when you do get stuck with the Spanish/English names of items or message instructions.

[G&S] Support Group (Guardian de las Sombras *Soporte*)
Over 4000 members, including G&S ‘gurus’, in this friendly support group to assist on general G&S product enquiries and problems (enjoyable conversation is also welcome). Please read and adhere to the Group Charter & Rules.

[G&S] Product Information & Help Files
Online support documentation and instructions for all the G&S products – scroll down in documents for English and other language translation.

RP-HUD [G&S] Help:  English / Spanish

Other G&S Support & Advertising Groups

Resource groups for product support in other languages:
Deutsche Guardian de las Sombras (German)

Subject specific groups:
[G&S] Black Market Traders – information and support group for the G&S Black Market Quests. Members are encouraged to interact & help each other with specific items in the Black Market Chapters.
[G&S] Markets & RP Sim Owners
Tharl Racers of Gor – information & support group for taming and racing G&S Tharlarions.
[G&S] Tuna Tournaments – information and advertising group for tuna tournaments & fish/seafood sales.
[G&S] Wine & Vineyards – information, support and advertising group for Winemakers and Appellations of Origin.

General G&S advertising groups:
[G&S] Farmers Market Co-Operative – advertising group for all G&S items, sales, markets & events.
G&S Gorean Trade Network –  for traders in Gor who wish to role play trade for animals and consumable items with other RP Sims.

Many other advertising and market groups may be found using your SecondLife search with G&S as a search term. Please remember to read group charters in order to receive information about what can or cannot be advertised within each group.

[G&S] Product List

As at August 2020

Basketwork / Cesteria
Beehive / Colmena
Beer Fermentor / Fermentador cerveza (Discontinued – see Fermentor 3.0)
Black Market / Mercado de Negro
Blackwine Plant (coffee plant) / Planta de vino negra (cafe)
Butchery / Carniceria
Carpentry / Carpenteria
Cheese Factory / Fabrica de queso
Cheese Labeling / Etiquetadora queso
Churn / Mantequera
Control Panel / Panel de control (for Appellations of Origin)
Copper Mine / Mina de cobre V2
Desk / Escritorio (Ferrum model)
Desk / Escritorio (Scripturam model)
Dovecote / Palomar
Embroidery Frame / Bastidor
Feeder (Grain) / Comedero – Bebedero
Feeder (Meat) / Abrevadero y comedero de carne
Fermentor 3.0 / Fermentador 3.0
Fermentor 2.0 (Beer & Rence Beer) / Fermentador  (Discontinued – see Fermentor 3.0)
Field 3.0 / Campo 3.0
Fishing Rod / Cana de pescar
Forge / Forja
Foundry  / Horno de fundicion
Gold Mine / Mina de oro V2
Grain Field / Campo de grano (Discontinued – see Field 3.0)
Grain Market / Mercado de grano
Grindstone / Piedra de afilar
Ice Chest (from Black Market only)
Ice Cream Maker
Iron Mine / Mina de hierro V2
Ka-la-na Tree / Arbol Ka-la-na
Ka-la-na Wine Bottling and Labeling / Embotelladora etiquetadora vino de Ka-la-na
Kanda Plant / Plantas kanda
Kitchen / Cocina magica
Large Grain Feeder (from Blackmarket only)
Loom / Telar
Mead Fermentor / Fermentador hidromiel (Discontinued – see Fermentor 3.0)
Mint Factory / Fabrica de mondedas
Packaging and labeling (Dairy) / Envasadora-Etiquetadora (Lácteos)
Packaging and Labeling (Densissima) / Envasadora y etiquetadora
Packaging and Labeling Bosk Meat 1.1 / Empaquetadora y Etiquetadora de Carne de Bosk
Packaging and Labeling Verr Meat 1.1 / Empaquetadora y Etiquetadora de Carne de Verr
Packaging and Labeling (Meats) / Empaquetadora y Etiquetadora (Carnes)
Packaging and Labeling (Seafood) / Empaquetadora y Etiquetadora (Pescados)
Paga Distillery / Alambique paga (Discontinued – see Fermentor 3.0)
Papyrus Factory / Fábrica de papiro
Pottery / Alfarería
Propagator of Cuttings / Propagador de esquejes
Rence Plant / Planta de rence
Rice Field / Camp de arroz (Discontinued – see Field 3.0)
Salt Mine / Mina de sal
Shield Embosser / Grabadora de escudos
Spinning Wheel / Rueca
Still 3.0 / Distillery 3.0
Sul Field / Campo de suls (Discontinued – see Field 3.0)
Sul Paga Distillery / Alambique de sul paga (Discontinued – see Fermentor 3.0)
Tree / Arbol
Tuna Tournament  / Torneo de pesca de atun
Vineyard / Camp de vid (Discontinued – see Vineyard 3.0)
Vineyards 3.0 / Vid 3.0
Vulo Coop (Henhouse) / Gallinero de vulos
Vulo Mini Coop / Mini gallinero
Water Well / Pozo
Windmill Water Pump / Molina de bombeo
Wine Barrel Labeling / Etiquetadora de barrilles de vino
Winepress / Prensa de uvas (Discontinued – see Winepress 3.0)
Winepress 3.0 / Lager 3.0
Wine Bottling Machine
Wine Bottling Machine Plus & Empty G&S Bottles
Wine Mixer
Wool – Basic Colours / Lanas Basicas
Wool – Pastel Colours / Lanas Pastel