The Basketwork manufactures four models of Baskets to use in the Mines and for packaging the fish, seafood and meats on the Packaging and Labeling tables, and collecting wool from the verr.

– The Baskets loaded with copper and iron ore can be smelted in the Blacksmith Foundry to make ingots, the Baskets loaded with gold can be smelted or exchanged at the Mint Factory for G&S Coins.

– The Baskets packed with fish, seafood and meats (bosk, tarsk and verr) require salt (see Mines) to preserve the stock.

– The Baskets are used to collect wool from the verr when you shear.

– Baskets are made from Rence bales. The quantity of Baskets manufactured varies depending on the level of the Rence bale.
Level 1 = 20
Level 2 = 160
Level 3 = 200

– Baskets can be manufactured with or without Tools – using tools makes the process quicker. The Billhook is made on the Blacksmith Forge (2x scrap metal + 1x iron ingot) and the Awl is made on the Carpentry bench (1x small plank + 1x nails).

– The time to manufacture the Baskets varies depending on the tools used, energy in the RP-Hud and a dice roll (1-20).

– Each Basket has 50 uses and cannot be repaired (delete the unusable object when it turns black).

Example: If you use a level 2 Rence bale you can make 160 Baskets with 50 uses each. The quickest time to manufacture Baskets is 25 seconds with high energy and good tools. So potentially, it will take just over 1 hour to manufacture 160 Baskets with a total 8000 uses.

– If you do not finish the  basket making process within 30 minutes and rez the “rezzme” Basket, it will reset and you lose the Basket manufactured – this is a safety feature so the Basketwork is available for someone else to use.

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