There are four G&S mines; copper, gold, iron and salt. Mining requires a Pickaxe (see Tools). The ore mined from the copper, gold and iron mines can be smelted into ingots in the Blacksmith Foundry, and can then be used to manufacture items on the Blacksmith Forge. Gold can also be sold to the Mint Factory [G&S] in exchange for G&S coins. Salt is required to preserve seafood packed into baskets or boxes using the Packaging-Labeling table.

– The new mines do not use the traditional sending system, they can work even though all servers are down.

– Each mine has 100 uses and delivers between 1 to 20 units of ore – this amount varies depending on the durability of the Pickaxe and energy in the RP-Hud.

– Each mining use takes about 8 minutes (working progress shows in hover text).

– When each mining use is completed, you can select to either receive a Rock or load into a Basket (see Basketwork). A Rock will lose 1 unit on rerez, the Baskets will store the ore with no loss.

– Rez the Rock or Basket to be loaded within 10m of the mine.

– If you do not finish the mining use process within 30 minutes and rez the Rock or load the Basket, the mine will reset and you lose the ore you just mined – this is a safety feature so the mine is available for someone else to use.

Important: The original buyer must rez and initialize the mine before passing to another avi! After unpacking the box, rez the mine from your inventory to the ground to initialize it. Select Security for the group that will be using it or open so anyone can mine. Click on preferred language.

Copper Mine / Mina de cobre

Copper is mined and smelted to bronze ingots in the Blacksmith Foundry to use in the Blacksmith formulas to make items; shields (which can be embossed with your unique emblem), lamp posts, lanterns, captive cross, captive pole and cage.

Gold Mine / Mina de oro

Gold rocks and baskets can sold to the Mint Factory to receive G&S Coins into the RP-Hud (1 unit of gold = 25 coins / 20 units of gold = 500 coins) or be smelted in the Blacksmith Foundry to make 2x gold ingots which can be converted to 275 G&S coins each at the Mint Factory.

Availability of the mines is limited and dependent on the amount of gold in the system – coins, baskets of gold, bars and chests are counted. The Gold Mine Vendor located at the G&S Main Store checks the database every hour and if the system has recovered enough gold, the vendor is activated automatically and a mine becomes available to buy. In this way a balance is kept of the overall amount of gold in the game. The G&S Grain Merchant and G&S Oil Vendor at the Main Store, sells items for G&S coin, which are paid to the system and reduces the amount of coins in circulation, this then ensures the gold mines are available to purchase more often. You can also purchase Blacksmith formula textures for G&S coins.

Iron Mine / Mina de hierro

Iron is smelted in the Blacksmith Foundry to produce iron ingots which are used in the Blacksmith formulas to make items on the Forge.

Salt Mine / Mina de sal

Salt is used to preserve the seafood products caught at the Tuna Tournaments, and the common fish, which have been packed into baskets or boxes using the Packaging and Labeling (Seafood) [G&S] table. Baskets are made in Basketwork [G&S] and Boxes are made in Carpentry [G&S] (the plans to manufacture the boxes are available to purchase for G&S Coins from the Main Store). When you have packed the seafood into the container, click the container to add salt for preservation. If you do not add salt, the passage of time will cause the product to deteriorate.

– Baskets have 50 uses only and are unusable when reach 0 (delete the blackened object). There are 4 different models to select from to manufacture.

– Boxes have 100 uses and can be repaired on the Carpentry [G&S] (cannot be repaired when reach 0). There are 7 different models to select from to manufacture which can be labeled with either the standard G&S label or your personal logo using the Packaging-Labeling table.

Information & Help Files:
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