*G&S Oil Vendor Stall

– located at the G&S main store to buy/sell jars of tharlarion oil for G&S coin

Black Market/ Mercado Negro

In this game you take on the role of a dealer/merchant and must earn prestige points by completing different quests. When you have accumulated enough prestige you can redeem these points for special offers.

SecondLife Group: [G&S] Black Market Traders
Help Doc: Black Market / Mercado negro / Schwarzmarkt [G&S]
Butchery / Carniceria

Makes sausages, mince & bacon from meats to use in recipes cooked on the G&S Kitchen.

- bosk meat makes black sausage, chorizo, mince & sausage

- tarsk meat makes bacon, black sausage, chorizo, mince & sausage

- verr meat makes black sausage, chorizo, mince & sausage

- vulo makes mince & sausage

Butcher Knife (see tools) can be used to add +2 to increase dice roll and hasten butchering time.
Cheese Factory / Fabrica de queso

Make cheese from bosk & verr milk in 3 days
Churn / Mantequera

Make butter from bosk & verr milk to use in recipes cooked on the G&S Kitchen

Control Panel - Appellation of Origin / Panel de Control - Denominacion de Origen

Appellation of Origin is the indication of origin of several G&S products. It is applied to certain alcoholic drinks and foods (wine barrels, cocoa and fermented/distilled barrels).

The Control Panel registers the sim in the system with the name of appellation of origin.

Help Doc: Control Panel [G&S]
Desk / Escritorio

Ferrum model
– load a maximum of 3 candles & 10 papyrus of each level.

Scripturam model
– load a maximum of 10 candles & 20 papyrus of each level.
– has the option to change the texture of the coat of arms on the front of the desk

Used to write messages on papyrus made from rence on the papyrus factory and send using Dovecote vulo (like homing pidgeons
- needs candles & papyrus to write.
- RP-Hud with energy & coins must be used

Manufacture matching chairs & stool in the Carpentry

Also used to study the "Secret Recipes".
- needs candles, papyrus, RP-Hud energy & G&S coin to Study & gain the knowledge to use the recipes (sit, rez book and click desk for menu).
Dovecote (Palomar)

For the assigned vulo with a papyrus message to return "Back to home".

To assign vulo to the Dovecote uuid, rez within 10m.

Returned vulo with a papyrus message will appear on the grass base.
Feeder (Grain) / Comedero

To feed bosk and verr.

Each sack of grain adds 30%, water adds 10%.

Feeder will auto refill grain/water level drops below 70.
Feeder (Meat) / Abrevadero y comedero de carne

To feed tharlarion.

Bosk meat adds 2% per piece; verr, tarsk and vulo add 1%.

Feeders will auto refill grain/water level drops below 70.

Can be manually refilled by clicking on the side of the trough.
Grain Market / Mercado de grano

Buy/sell grain

Purchase prices for grain is 40c single grain sack, 400c 10x & 2000c 50x
Ice Chest
(from Black Market only)
Ice Cream Maker
Magic Kitchen [G&S] / Cocina Magica

5 different models to purchase to cook all the recipes
Magic Kitchen [G&S] - Camp Model / Cocina Magica

Magic Kitchen [G&S] - Chim Model / Cocina Magica

Magic Kitchen [G&S] - Min Model / Cocina Magica

Magic Kitchen [G&S] - Rock Model / Cocina Magica

Mint Factory / Fabrica de mondedas

Buy/sell coins & gold
- 1 gold unit = 25 coins
Papyrus Factory / Fabrica de papiro

Make papyrus from the rence bales.
- papyrus is used to write messages (see Desk) to send with homing vulo(returns to its assigned Dovecote). No desk required to write a quick 1 line message (100 characters) on papyrus.

Needs water loaded

Produces different grades of paper:

Level 1 rence - normal
Level 2 rence - fine
Level 3 rence - excellent
Water Well / Pozo

Gives a single bucket of water
Windmill Water Pump / Molina de bombeo

Gives a barrel of water equal to 10 buckets of water
Wine Bottling Machine
Wine Bottling Machine Plus & Empty G&S Bottles

Wine Mixer