Secret Plans

* Study Books are available to purchase at the G&S main store *

To gain knowledge of the ‘secret’ plans for the Carpentry, you must study the Books on the G&S Desk. Once the knowledge is gained you have the ability to manufacture and/or repair the items. If 2 months elapse without using the knowledge (either manufacture or repair), it will be forgotten and you will need to study again.

If you do not study these Books to gain the knowledge, you can not make or repair the items!

To study, the Desk needs 5x Level 1, 3x Level 2 and 2x Level 3 papyrus made from the Rence plant, candles (from Beehive) and RP-Hud with energy & coins. The Papyrus containing the ingredients is delivered to inventory when you have finished studying.

See Tools for more information.

Carpentry Secret Plans

Cocoa Dryer
(*BOOK*) Secadora de cacao / Cocoa Dryer [G&S]
2x Plank extra large
1x Nails
1x Plank medium

Fix: Cocoa Dryer + Wood Scrap

Hermetic Bucket
(*BOOK*) Cubo hermetico / Hermetic Bucket [G&S]
2x Bucket
2x Plank small
1x Scrap Metal

Fix:  Hermetic Bucket + Wood Scrap  + Scrap Metal

Master Cooper (English)
(*BOOK*) Barrel Script English [G&S]
1x Nails
1x Hoops
1x Plank medium
1x Hoops

* The barrel script is delivered to your Script Folder and must be placed in the content of a full perm barrel/object rezzed near the carpentry to activate.

Fix = Barrel Script (English) + Wood Scrap

* To fix the script, rez the barrel/object containing the barrel script, you will receive a new script to place in your barrel/object when the carpentry manufacture has completed.

Master’s Divest Knife
(*BOOK*) Chuchillo de Desuello de maestro / Master’s Divest Knife [G&S]
2x Scrap metal
1x Plank small

Fix: Divest Knife + Wood Scrap

Master’s Mallet
(*BOOK*) Maza de maestro / Master’s mallet [G&S]
1x Plank small
1x Nails
1x Scrap Metal
1x Bosk skin 01
1x Plank small

Fix: Mallet + Wood Scrap

Master’s Taming Spear
(*BOOK*) Lanza de Doma de maestro / Master’s Taming Spear [G&S]
1x Log small
2x Scrap metal
1x Skin

Fix: Taming Spear + Wood Scrap

Special Paga Barrel
(*BOOK*) Barril especial paga / Special paga barrel [G&S]
1x Exotic Wood (only available in the Black Market)
1x Nails
1x Hoops

Fix: Special Paga Barrel + Exotic Wood

Special Sake Barrel
(*BOOK*) Barril especial sake / Special sake barrel [G&S]
1x Hoops
1x Exotic wood (only available in the Black Market)
1x Nails

Information & Help Files:
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Papyrus Factory
Beehive (for candles)
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