Carpentry / Carpinteria

– The book of the carpentry  [G&S] is provided with the Carpentry equipment and contains basic plans to get you started. Additional plans are available at the Main Store to purchase for G&S Coins to add to your book.

– Manufacture items listed in the Book of the Carpentry using logs received when you cut down (fell) a G&S Tree (Arbol); planks, fishing stool, chairs, stools, fences, buildings, docks, etc.  You receive a book when you purchase the Carpinteria / Carpentry [G&S] from the G&S Main Store or Market Place.

– Items produced can be burnt with G&S fire and put out with a bucket of G&S water. If burnt completely will be destroyed and cannot be recovered or repaired.

Chisel & Mallet (see tools) must be used.

Broom 2.0 (see tools) & RP-Hud must be used to sweep and clean table to get Dirt to 0%.

Carpentry Plans

The “Book of Carpentry” is available when you purchase the G&S Carpentry Bench from the Main Store. Below are details of the plans/formulas that every beginner should know (add ingredients in the exact order shown).  Secret plans are sold as Study Books – if you do not study these you cannot make the item.

CarpentryLogsToPlanksLogs to Planks:
1 Extra Large Log makes 4 Extra Large Planks
1 Large Log makes 3 Extra Large Planks
1 Medium Log makes 2 Extra Large Planks
1 Small Log makes 1 Extra Large Plank
1 Extra large Plank makes 2 Large Planks
1 Large Plank makes 2 Medium Planks
1 Medium Plank makes 2 Small Planks
1 Small Plank (or any failed recipe) makes 1 Wood Scrap

Made In the  Carpentry:

CarpentryBroomBroom 2 / Escobar 2:
1x Small plank
1x Rence
1x Wood ScrapRepair: Broom + Wood Scrap
CarpentryMalletMallet / Mazo:
1x Small plank
1x Nails
1x Wood Scrap
1x Small plankRepair: Mallet + Wood Scrap

Made In the Blacksmith:

CarpentryChiselChisel / Formon:
1x Scrap metal
2x Iron
1x Scrap metalRepair:  Chisel + Iron
CarpentryNailsNails / Clavos:
1x Scrap metal

Information & Help Files:
– Carpentry