September 14, 2018

Arbol del Cacao / Cocoa Tree [G&S]

Chocolate has arrived in G&S!!!

… Available to purchase at the [G&S] Store and MarketPlace

HUD Cookbook (Vol 1.14) [G&S] with 12 NEW RECIPES with COCOA!

PLUS 2 NEW Secret Recipes
(*BOOK*) Tarta de chocolate / Chocolate cake [G&S] and (*BOOK*) Trufas de chocolate / Chocolate truffles [G&S]
Study on the desk to obtain the recipes and to be able to cook in the kitchen.

Appellation of Origin: Obtaining cocoa with appellation of origin can only be completed and be effective by growing the cocoa tree, drying the cocoa pods from the tree, and grinding the dried cocoa beans in the same sim with an activated appellation of origin in the Control Panel [G&S].


Cocoa Tree Help File: Arbol del cacao / Cocoa Tree [G&S]

Cocoa Tree Die! Once started for the first time the plants will die if they spend more than 4 days in the inventory or within any other object, and once dead is impossible to recover. A rollback in your sim can kill your cocoa trees.

The cocoa tree does not need water. Needs care.

To produce the final product [Sack] Cocoa [G&S] you must first care and grow the tree to harvest the cocoa pods. The cocoa pods are then dried to produce the cocoa beans which are ground in the Grinder. With luck you may get a Plus on the dice roll while working the Grinder and gain extra units of the final material.

Example: Harvest 3 cocoa pods from each cocoa tree. Load 4 cocoa pods into the Cocoa Dryer to produce 5 cocoa beans … load 5 cocoa beans into the Grinder and get a Critical Hit dice roll = [Sack] of 8 Cocoa!

Growth Cycle: from 0 to 100, indicates the percentage % in which the life of the fruit is found.

– The available crops to harvest depends on the Cycle of the Cocoa Tree (shown on the tree menu and hover text).

– The best yield is 3 crops (between 66% to 76%). The growing fruit pods change in colour from green, to yellow, to orange and then red.

– If you do not harvest before 76% growth cycle, the red pods begin to deteriorate until there is 0 crops to harvest.

0% to 44% – 0 Crops
44% to 54% – 1 Crop
55% to 65% – 2 Crops
66% to 76% – 3 Crops
77% to 87% – 2 crops
88% to 98% – 1 Crop
99% to 100% – 0 crops

When the cycle reaches 100%, it restarts, and returns to 0% and if there is care it will grow again.

– The cycle advances by 1% every 2 hours if care is maintained on the tree.

Care: You must care for the tree so that the cycle of the fruit advances – up to 4 care can be maintained on the tree. If the tree gets care the maturation cycle will not stop.

– When the harvest is obtained, the cycle will return to the first phase of the 0% maturation process and 0 care, and the process will begin again.

– If the cycle is less than 50% and the care of the tree is at 0, the cycle will go back to 0% and stop.

– If the cycle is higher than 50% and the care of the tree is at 0, the cycle will advance until it reaches 100%, it will reset to 0% and stop.

– Wear the RP-HUD [G&S] to care for the trees. The Hud releases a 20-dice, if the roll is 10 or more it will be successful and add 1 to the care value. The value of this roll is influenced by energy level in RP-Hud [G&S] and using the Sickle [G&S].

Harvest: To harvest the cocoa pods, you have two options –

Normal:  This will only get one crop. If you have more than one crop available, you will only get one and the rest will be lost. When you use this option the tree will give an item called (Rezzme) [G&S]. You must rez this object close to the field for the harvest to be activated. You then pick up the [Sack] with the crop in it.

Fill container: You will need an empty Basket [G&S]. Place the empty basket close to the tree before using this option. Available crops will be loaded into the basket.

Cocoa Drying Process: There are two ways to dry cocoa –

1. Rez from inventory the Sack or Basket of Cocoa pods [G&S] and click on it, a menu will appear with the option “Get Cocoa pod” to deliver the object (rezzme) COCOADRY [G&S], rezz next to the sack/basket (the sack will disappear), and a mat containing the cocoa bean will appear. The cocoa drying process will start, it will be ready after 24 hours. After that time in the menu will appear the option of “Get Cocoa beans”.

2. Study at the desk [G&S] the (*BOOK*) Secadora de cacao / Cocoa dryer [G&S] (you will find it for sale at the G&S store). After studying you will get a papyrus with the instructions and permission to manufacture the Cocoa Dryer in the Carpentry [G&S].

  • Cocoa Dryer Operation: 4 cocoa pods are required to start the dry process. Load through the menu, once loaded choose the “dry” option. After 12 hours, place a Basket [G&S] next to the table and choose the “Fill” option from the table menu. This drying option will give you one extra unit of cocoa bean. If you rerezz the table when it is loading / loaded or during the drying process, you will lose the cocoa bean.

Grind Dried Cocoa Beans: The final step is to grind the dried cocoa beans using the Moledora / Grinder [G&S] and receive a [Sack] of cocoa to use in the recipes cooked in the kitchen.

– 5 cocoa bean are required to begin the grinding process. Sit on the Grinder and answer YES to attach the Rock to your avatar. Load through the menu, then select the ‘grind’ option.  (You can also use the Grinder with grain and rence bales to make flour).

– Grind: To use this option it is necessary to have energy in the RP-HUD[G&S]. When you have finished the grinding process you will be delivered the object (Rezzme)[G&S]. Rezz immediately next to the grinder to activate the object. If you get up from the grinder before activating the object (Rezzme) [G&S] it will not activate and you’ll have to grind it again.

– The Plus gives the opportunity to receive extra units of the final material from the Grinder and will depend on the dice roll. Luck and energy in the RP-HUD G&S gives a plus in the dice roll in the action of grinding.

  • One = one less unit
    Fail = no extra unit
    Success = plus one unit
    Critical Hit = plus two units

Grinder Help File: Moledora / Grinder [G&S]