Caring Fields (RP­Hud [G&S])

Maintain **Care 2/2 daily, your field/plant will increase the growth rate slightly for just over a day.

Caring Fields:
This action is available on the RP­Hud [G&S]’s RP Actions (see below). You are required to stand in the middle of an advanced field or standing close to plant/tree.

Fields/Plants to Care:
– Blackwine
– Grain (old style)
– Kalana
– Rence
– Suls (old style)
– Vineyard (old style)

Caring fields is necessary to increase the level experience for Rence [G&S] (levels 1 – ­3) and Kalana [G&S] (levels 1 – ­5). While you maintain care above 0 the plant will gain experience and will level slowly. If the degree of care is at 0 the plant loses experience quickly and can lose all the levels it has reached.

– Uses 5% energy. You can not use if you have no energy.

– A dice roll of 10+ is required to succeed. If you fail, repeat the action and try again. The amount of energy you possess will give a bonus to the roll of dice.

– The Sickle [G&S] (see Tools) with good durability may add a bonus +2 chance for success. If durability is 0%, it may result in -­2 from the dice roll.

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Caring Fields (RP-Hud [G&S])
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