Distillery & Fermentors

Fermentor 2.0 (Beer & Rence Beer) / Fermentador 2.0

grain & water to beer barrel / rence bale & water to rence beer barrel

– drinking game to play on rence barrel & win G&S coins. The higher the level of rence beer & number of players, the more G&S coins the winner receives.







Mead Fermentor / Fermentador hidromiel

honey & water to mead in 3 days









  Paga Distillery / Alambique paga

grain & water to paga barrel in 3 days









Sul Paga Distillery / Alambique de sul paga

suls & water to sul paga barrel in 3 days









Winepress / Prensa de uvas

– press grapes to wine

– kalana baskets to barrels to ferment and bottle with personalised label.