Bosk (cattle)

Gorean Definition: a huge, shambling cattle like animal, with a thick, humped neck and long, shaggy hair. They are commonly the long-haired wild ox of the plains. It has a wide head and tiny eyes, a fearful temper, and two long, wicked, curved and pointed horns. The horns, from tip to tip may measure two spears in length. It is for good reason the bosk is called ‘The Mother of the Wagon Peoples’. It’s flesh and milk used as food and drink, shelter is made from it’s hides, and clothing from it’s tanned and sewn skins. Weapons are made from the leather of it’s hump and many tools and implements from it’s bone and horns. Even the dung is dried and used for fuel. The bosk is reverenced and the penalties for it’s slaughter without reason are extreme.

– Live for 40 days.

– Becomes an adult at 4 days old.

– Feeds from the Comedero (G&S Grain Feeder) which you add sacks of grain (grown on Field 3.0) and bucket/barrel or water to by rezzing both nearby.

Feeders refills automatically when levels drop below 70%
1x Grain sack adds 30%
1x Bucket of water adds 10%
1x Bosk eat 1% & drink 2% every 4 hours

Consumes Grain:
1 day = 6%
1 week = 42% (1.4 Grain sacks)

Consumes Water:
1 day = 12%
1 week = 84%

– First pregnancy for females occurs at 6 days old then every 4 days. A birth box is given via menu when bosk is pregnant (click to get menu), rez this box and wait for baby to be born.

– Gives milk after first pregnancy. You can calculate how often will be ready to milk again by the milk level in hover text. 12 hours – milk level = how often (eg. 12 hours – 9 milk level = every 3 hours).

– To milk the female, place a Bucket or Hermetic Bucket (manufactured in the Carpentry G&S), or a Jar (manufactured in the Pottery G&S) next to the female and select milk in the menu. The Bucket or the Jar will fill with milk. The preservation time of the milk (bucket & jars 2 days, hermetic bucket 16 days) appears in the floating text, after this time the milk is spoiled and can not be used. (If you use the RP-Hud [G&S] with high energy you may receive a plus for better milk results).

– Bosk milk can be used to make cream and butter to use in recipes. Cream and butter are made on the stove/kitchen (Magic Cocina). Butter can also be made using the G&S Churn.

– After death by slaughter or old age, select divest on the menu to receive meat (1-10 meat) and skin. You are given the object “rezzme (piel) [G&S]” rez it next to the bosk, get the bosk menu again and select the” Take meat “option to give you the object “rezzme (meat) [G&S]” rez it next to the bosk. A low result in the internal dice roll loses two of meat, use the divest knife and energy in the RP-Hud [G&S] to give a plus in dice roll when divesting bosk.

– A dead baby for whatever reason, when divested, delivers less meat than as an adult and does not deliver skin.

– An animal dead and not divested, loses one unit of meat per day until it disappears when has nothing to deliver.

– Bosk meat shows the preservation time (4 days) visible in the floating text and in the meat menu, after this time the meat is spoiled (even in the inventory) and can not be used.

– To store bosk meat for a longer period of time, make baskets in the Basketwork [G&S] and boxes in the Carpentry [G&S], and pack the meat into these containers with the Packaging and labeling (Bosk meat) 1.1 [G&S]. Once packed, place a Rock salt or a basket loaded with salt next to the basket or box of packed meat, and in the menu of the meat container choose the option “load salt”. The meat does not spoil while it remains inside the basket or box that has been salted (even kept in the inventory or inside another object). If meat is extracted from a container (basket or box) that has been salted, the extracted meat loses the effect of salt preservation, and if it is not used it is spoiled in a short period of time. When the box or basket is emptied of meat, it loses the effect of preserving and if used again to pack meat, will require salt to be loaded again.

– Bosk meat can be packaged and labelled to be sold or traded; cooked on the stove/kitchen (Magic Cocina) in various recipes; made into sausages and mince on the butchery which are also used in recipes to be cooked; or fed to tharlarions in the G&S Tharlarion Feeder.

– The Skin are used as ingredients for the Blacksmith and Carpentry.

Divest Knife (see tools) can be used when slaughtered to increase chance of max meat box received.

Information & Help Files:
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Bosk 2.0
Comedero (Grain Feeder)
– Campo 3.0 / Field 3.0 [G&S]
Packaging and Labeling Bosk Meat 1.1
Packaging and Labeling (Meats) – Multi Meat Packer