Pottery [G&S] mnufactures Jars using water (either a bucket or barrel of G&S water. The Jars are used as containers to collect bosk/verr milk and to store tharlarion oil.  There are 6 models of jars to select from to manufacture.

– No tools are required.

– The RP-Hud [G&S] with energy and the internal dice roll will vary the manufacture time.

– The jar can be reused 25 times, after this it can not be reused or repaired.

– When manufacture is finished you get the object “rezzme (jar)”. Rezz the object beside the pottery and the jar will be activated.

– If for any reason you do not rezz or do not accept the object within the stipulated time, a menu with two options appears: “Activate” or “Send object”, select “Activate” if you rez the object outside of the stipulated time and the jar is in black color, choose “Send object” if you have not accepted the object within the stipulated time, and rez the object beside of pottery.

– If you get out of pottery for any reason, you lose the work.

– to use the jar, rez beside the animal to collect milk from bosk and verr or oil from divested tharlarion.

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