Black Market

Chapter 1: The Great Wedding

Chapter 2: Looking for Sasha

Chapter 3: Conspiracy

Chapter 4: Disciple

Chapter 5: Hunting

Chapter 6: Assault to the City

Chapter 7: The Council

The time in History takes place in Chapters – periods of time in which the quest are the same for everyone. Each player makes their decisions individually and the story will take one way or another, depending on the sum total of the decisions of all the players. At the end of each Chapter the actions taken by all players are counted and the new direction of the story in the next Chapter is decided.

In this game you take on the role of a dealer/merchant and must earn prestige points by completing different quests. When you have accumulated enough prestige you can redeem these points for special offers (see below for current offers).

“Reaching the last level will not be an easy task to achieve. It must be an arduous road, that only the most persevering and patient can achieve.” Sombra Magic


Each time you perform a quest, you earn 10 prestige points. You must read carefully the quest and decide whether or not you will accept the mission. If you do, seek out the merchandise requested (or manufacture yourself using your G&S produce and equipment) before the time expires – rezz the object that is requested next to the Black Market and press the “Load” button of the quest menu.

*** Quest ***
 * Points of prestige: 10
Expires in: 1h.:0m.
La Gran Boda
The inns have to prepare to host many guests at the wedding, the innkeeper despairs: – I need more help than I have.
Milk (10 units)
Merchandise: (0/10)

– You must pay attention to the text of the quest. Who asks for help? Should we help them? What exactly do they ask?

– If you do not want to carry out the quest, let the time pass until it expires.

– Some missions ask for safe conduct or wait a while. The safe conduct are available in the store for $L (you can decide to use them or just wait).

– Sometimes you will find that quests, if not completed, will result in loss of prestige. In these instances, the menu will report the points that you lose in case of failure.

– Some quests may be impossible to complete … All the objects that the Black Market asks for can be obtained through purchase/trade or created, and of course it is possible that some do not exist and it is impossible to do it in time.

– It is also important to pay attention to book on the lectern which will show the information on the offer which appear, and special tracks in some quests.

– Every 100 prestige points you reach a new level.

– Each time you level up, the difficulty of the quest increases, and the offers available for that level are better, and also more expensive.


Starting at Level 2 you can spend your points of prestige on offers. You can decide to spend 50 points to access a Level 2 offer, or continue to do quest to go up to higher levels, and take higher level offers

You can not know what the offer will be before spending the points. If you press the “New Offer” button, the prestige points are subtracted, and the menu with the offer will appear.

The new direction of the story in each Chapter can significantly influence the objects offered in future Chapters. Some may stop offering, and new objects may appear in the offers.

Example: You decide to support all the missions of a merchant who wants to break the trade with exotic wood.  If all other players also choose to complete these quests, he will get the wood to disappear. In the next Chapter the “offer” of Exotic Wood is removed.

Exclusive Black Market Offers

These items are exclusive to the Black Market and can only be obtained in different chapters at different times – they may disappear and reappear … or maybe not!

– Ancestral Blacksmith Hammer
– Ancestral Blacksmith Tongs
– Ancestral Carpenters Chisel
– Ancestral Carpenters Mallet
– Ancestral Sickle
– Assassin Dagger
– Desert Grain
– Exotic Wood
– Ice
– Ice Chest
– Large Grain Feeder
– Long Rice
– Red Suls
– Rosemary Honey
– Sugarcane Seeds
– Strawberry Seeds

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