Co-Op Market

G&S Co-Op Market - Good ThingsOwner: Kristal Clarity
Manager: MarketManager

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SecondLife Group: [G&S] Co-Op Market
G&S market est. April 2013. We are one of the oldest and largest G&S Market offering Gorean breedable animals for sale; tarsk, verr, bosk and tharlarions. Over 200 Merchant stalls & animal pens selling a wide variety of G&S produce, animals and RP items for G&S Coins and $L: blackwine suls, rice, honey, fresh cooked cooked meals, paga, mead, sul paga and more …

Rent a stall to sell your G&S stock and products or wander the market for a great deal!

For rent:
:: 10 prim stalls
:: 25 prim stalls
:: 30 prim stalls
:: 75 prim stalls
:: 125 prim stalls
:: 195 prim stalls
:: 20 prim grain feeders
:: 50 prim animal pensAd boards and signs to rent for your farm/market/RP sim.

Free for all to harvest – trees, rence, sul, grapes, grain, rice, honey, kanda, kalana and vulo.

Gorean RP optional. Safe zone.

Amenities for all to use include:
:: kitchen with 5 stoves
:: carpentry table
:: blacksmith foundry & forge
:: 2x study desks
:: papyrus factory
:: 2x butter churns
:: 2x spinning wheels and looms
:: wine press and kalana bottler
:: water well
:: butchery and meat packing tables
:: mint table and grain vendor
:: fishing area with 6 stoves
:: regular tuna tournaments