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You have the possibility to create different types of wine, look for the most precious flavors and the most exotic nuances, combine them and create a unique wine. You can achieve mastery of “barrel maker” that lets you design your own barrels. You will have the option to create your own Appellation of origin to take your exclusive wines to the highest recognition.

1- Branches

The branches of the vine are fragments of stems with buds and carry the genetic code of the mother vine, these are used in the propagator to create viable cuttings that will be planted in the vineyards. The genome of a vineyard is configured by 6 genes that will give the wine its color, palate, aroma and nuances. It is represented as follows: (A00000)

The first gene indicates the type of wine.
(A: Red, B: White, C: Rose, etc.)

The second gene indicates the palate of wine.
(0 or A: Soft, B: Light, C: Warm, etc)

The third and fourth gene indicates the aromas of wine, and the fifth and sixth indicates the nuances.
(0: Nothing, A: Wood, B: Fruits, C: Cinnamon, etc)

2 – Propagator

It is a garden table equipped with everything necessary to create viable cuttings from four branches.

The resulting cutting will be the random combination of the 4 branches you have entered.

The first gene of the cutting will be the first gene of one of the four branches chosen at random. The second gene of the cutting will be the second gene of one of the four branches chosen in a random way, and so on until the 6 genes are completed. Therefore, if you use 4 identical branches, you will always obtain a cutting identical to that of the original stakes, or if you use 4 branches whose first gene is an A, you will be sure that the first gene of the cutting will also be an A.

It is very important you bear in mind that you will only be able to see the genetic code of a branch when loading in the propagator, you can discard it before creating the cutting, but not recover it. Only after finishing the process of germination will you be able to see the genetic code of the cutting created in the hover text of the propagator, then it will never be visible again.

Example 1
Gen (1): C00000
Gen (2): A00000
Gen (3): A00000
Gen (4): B00000

C00000 (Soft Rose Wine)
A00000 (Soft Red Wine)
B00000 (Soft White Wine)

Example 2
Gen (1): A00000
Gen (2): AB0000
Gen (3): A0C000
Gen (4): A00000

A00000 (Soft Red Wine)
AB0000 (Light Red Wine)
A0C000 (Soft Red Wine With aromas of Cinnamon)
ABC000 (Light Red Wine With aromas of Cinnamon)

3 – Cuttings

You can consider the cutting as something similar to a seed, the cuttings are planted in the vineyards after being cleared, and carry a new genetic code that will replace the one that already has the vine.

4 – Vineyards

The function of a vineyard is to generate crops of grapes.

With the grapes you can create wines with the characteristics that the vineyard has transmitted, the chances of obtaining a great reserve wine are 16%, for a reserve are 34% and for a common wine are 50%, but the probability has been forced so that in the worst case, you get a great reserve every 6 harvests.

5 – Winepress

The winepress is the press where the grapes or other fruits such as ka-la-na are squeezed to obtain the juice.

When pressing the fruit you can use the normal option, which will give you a classic barrel that is the same as the one that delivers the old version of the press, this option has been created to maintain compatibility with the old development of wines.

With the option “Fill” you can fill the barrels created in the carpentry with juice. It is in this way only, that the exclusive wines are created, where you can appreciate the palate, aromas and nuances of the new wines transmitted from the genetics of the vineyard.

6 – Barrels

In the carpentry you can create barrels, and only in these barrels can you differentiate the different types, palates, aromas and nuances of the wines. You will also have the option to be a Master Cooper (”barrel maker”), and be able to create your own barrels designed by yourself.

7 – Appellation of Origin (Control Panel)

The appellation of origin is the indication of origin of the wine. It is applied to certain wines that comply with strict rules based on geographical location, the type of grape, its transformation, processing and packaging.

The steps to get wines with denomination of origin are the following:

  1. Activate and configure the control panel in a sim. From this moment the sim is registered in the system with the name of appellation of origin that you have configured.
  2. Activate the propagator in the sim (or re-rezz it if you already did it previously)
  3. Create cuttings in the propagator of the sim using any type of branches, regardless of the origin of the branches, the resulting cutting will bear the appellation of origin.
  4. Clear the vineyards of the sim and plant the new cuttings, keep in mind that these cuttings will only transmit the appellation of origin to the vineyards of the sim, not to other vineyards that are in other places.
  5. Wait patiently until your vineyards are ready to be harvested and collect the grapes.
  6. Press the grapes in the Winpress 3.0 that is in the sim with the option “fill”, using barrels created in the carpentry. If you use other presses on other sims or if you use the Normal option you will lose the appellation of origin.
  7. Let the wine ferment and mature until its last process in the sim. If at any time during its maturity the barrel transfers to another sim, they lose the appellation of origin.
  8. Once the last maturation process is finished, your wine with appellation of origin will be ready. You can take them and expose them all over the world.

The wines with appellation of origin can be used like any other wine, to drink them or to use them in recipes of kitchen that need any type of wine, but in addition, the system also recognizes them as exclusive wines, and recipes will appear where wines with a specific denomination of origin will be required. To get an official recipe of [G&S] as a mandatory component, “your wine” must get your appellation of origin to attain the highest award in the ranking.

8 – Appellation of Origin (The Ranking)

To participate in the ranking of appellations of origin, you must obtain barrels of Great Reserve wine with your appellation of origin and number them in your sim. Only these numbered barrels will be counted in the ranking. Against more number barrels, your ranking will be higher, but the quantity is not the only factor.

•  The best appellations of origin should achieve homogeneity in their wines, so think carefully which barrels you are going to number. If you numer barrels of wine of many different types, palate, aromas or nuances, you will be penalized in the score.

•  The most recognized appellations of origin are also those whose wine production goes back in time, so think well on what sim you are going to start in. Every time you move to another sim you will be penalized in the ranking.

The family tradition is a fundamental characteristic in any appellations of origin that aspires to achieve the highest award, so think well with which avatar you will activate your appellations of origin, as transferring the denomination of origin to another avatar penalizes the score.

At the end of each year, we will award the best wine of the year award to the first position. This appellation of origin will directly enter to be part of the official ingredients of [G&S] appearing in a cooking recipe that can only be created using wines with the winning appellation of origin.

The score will be restarted at the beginning of each year, starting a new contest.

After finishing the first contest (2018), it is planned to create many more prizes, but for this we will need your suggestions. Semester, quarterly, season, first 3 etc etc?

I hope you like this new wine system and enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it. I wait for your suggestions

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