Gorean Definition: one of several types of large reptiles in Gor which have been domesticated, it’s fat is rendered to provide lamp oil and fuel for furnaces. There are numerous varieties of tharlarion in Gor of different sizes and appearance; broad, high, land, marsh, river, rock and water. The G&S ones are ‘High Tharlarion’ used as mounts for riding and racing. They are short-tempered carnivorous creatures that run on its two back feet. Its forelegs are tiny and near useless.  They respond to voice signals though sometimes the butt of a lance is needed to move them. Hitting them about the eye or ear openings works well as these are the few sensitive areas on its body – they are almost impervious to pain and have a sluggish nervous system.

– lives 62 days. Life Expectancy, which shows in the hover text, is the remaining days of the animals life.

– turns adult at 6 days old

–  first birth at 12 days old then every 12 days. 5 pregnancies in the lifetime of the female tharlarion at Life Expectancy 50, 38, 26, 14, 2 – give or take a day or two, depending on whether the previous pregnancy was birthed on time.

– needs meat and water  Feeder (Abrevadero y comedero de carne [G&S]).

Feeders refills automatically when levels drop below 70% – click side to manually refill
1x Bosk meat adds 2% per unit (piece)
1x Verr/Tarsk/Vulo adds 1% per unit (piece)

1x Bucket of water adds 10%
1x Tharlarion eat 1% & drink 2% every 8 hours

Consumes Bosk meat:
1 day = 1.5 units
1 week = 10.5 units

Consumes Verr/Tarsk/Vulo meat:
1 day = 3 units
1 week = 21 units

Consumes Water:
1 day = 6%
1 week = 42%

– 13 colours: green, brown, red, gray, ocean (light blue), land (orange), mountain (dark blue), moon (silver), stone, coal, torvis (tan/white), pirate (cream/black) & guru (orange/blue).

– when tharlarion has died , for whatever reason,  in the menu option will appear  “Get oil”. Place a jar (manufactured in the Pottery G&S) next to the tharlarion and select “get oil” in the menu, the jar will fill with oil. The amount of oil in a jar is determined by the property “meat” of tharlarion. A low result in the internal dice roll remains two of oil. Use the divest knife and energy in the RP-HUD[G&S] give a plus in dice roll when divesting the tharlarion.

– A dead baby for whatever reason, when divested, delivers less meat (oil) than as an adult and does not deliver skin.

– An animal dead and not divested, loses one unit of meat (oil) per day until it disappears when has nothing to deliver.

– the dead animal that has already been stripped or has nothing to give you, disappears after an hour.

– the oil jar (1-10) can to be used as fuel in the Blacksmith forge & foundry or the lamps can be taken out and burnt as lighting or thrown as weapons to explode into fire – will burn some G&S items, needs G&S water to be put out.

Oil can also be bought and sold at the G&S Oil Vendor located at the Main store:

L is for litres (as in 10 litres per jar) for example:

Tharlarion Oil
Purchase Price (1L)  :18
Sale Price Jar(10L)  :231

–  you get paid 18 coins per L (unit) when you sell to the vendor & you pay 231 coins for a 10L jar (10 units) when you buy oil from the vendor.

The prices vary depending on supply/demand – when there are sales to the vendor of oil by people the price drops on both purchase & sale prices, and when there are purchases of oil the price will rise ( I think its every 10 or so buy/sell and the price changes). You can make coin profit playing the G&S oil exchange by buying when its cheap and then selling back when the price rises.

– meat 10 adult tharlarion can be tamed to ride:

Taming: sit on the tharlarion until it is 100% tame. Use the RP-Hud and maintain high energy for better results. A taming spear (see tools) with high durability can add chance of +2 to taming success.

Ride/Train: ride the tharlarion often to increase levels in training. There are 50 levels. Each level takes double the time of the previous level to progress through. Points for each level gained are given to distribute between Speed, Jump and Turn.

Tharlarion Racing

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– Tharlarion 2.0
Feeder Meat