Vulo (poultry)

Gorean Definition: a tawny-colored poultry bird similar to a pigeon which also exists in the wild; used for meat and eggs, and as a messenger carrier.

Henhouse 2.0 / Gallinero vulos 2.0

– 5 vulo required to produce eggs (1 egg produced every hour to maximum 12 eggs if 5 vulo in the cage), takes 1 day to produce 1 vulo (5 days for 5 vulo). Needs 1 sack of grain every 3 days and water every 1 day. Vulo will die one by one when food and water run out (the wait is then 1 day for each vulo to reproduce when food and water refilled).

– vulo taken from the coop can either be used to cook in the recipes, as a pet to follow you or as a homing bird to deliver papyrus messages (see Dovecote).

– eggs can be cooked in recipes or used as weapons.


Vulo Mini Coop / Gallinero vulos

– needs 1 sack of grain every 6 days and water every 2 days.

– 1 vulo produced every 2 days: Maximum 5

– 1 egg every 2 hours to maximum 12 eggs if 5 vulo are in coop