Sugar Cane

Sugar cane is a limited cycle crop (1 harvest only) grown in in the Field 3.0 [G&S] and is used in the Still 3.0 to produce rum or ground to make sugar and used in the kitchen for use several recipes.

– Sugar cane seeds are currently only available as an “offer” in the Black Market.

– 1 crop = 5 units of sugar cane

– To achieve the maximum potential of 3 crops, it is best to Care for the Sugar cane to allow it to reach 300% before harvesting. Reaching 300% does not imply that you will always get 3 crops, this will depend on whether the field has been constantly cared and has never lacked water.

Grind Sugarcane: To use the sugar cane in the recipes, and must be ground using the Moledora / Grinder [G&S] to receive a [Sack] of 6 sugar.

– 3 sugar cane are required to begin the grinding process. Sit on the Grinder and answer YES to attach the Rock to your avatar. Load through the menu, then select the ‘grind’ option. (You can also use the Grinder with grain and rence bales to make flour).

– Grind: To use this option it is necessary to have energy in the RP-HUD[G&S]. When you have finished the grinding process you will be delivered the object (Rezzme)[G&S]. Rezz immediately next to the grinder to activate the object. If you get up from the grinder before activating the object (Rezzme) [G&S] it will not activate and you’ll have to grind it again.

– The Plus gives the opportunity to receive extra units of the final material from the Grinder and will depend on the dice roll. Luck and energy in the RP-HUD G&S gives a plus in the dice roll in the action of grinding.

  • One = one less unit
    Fail = no extra unit
    Success = plus one unit
    Critical Hit = plus two units

Grinder Help File: Moledora / Grinder [G&S]
Field 3.0 Help File: Campo 3.0 / Field 3.0 [G&S]