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November 16, 2018

Brandy [G&S]

Use grapes in the Still 3.0 to make Brandy [G&S]

Fill Barrels and discover appellation, types, aromas and nuances transmitted from the Vineyards 3.0 grapes!


November 14, 2018

Fermentor V3.0 / Still V3.0 / Torvis Tharlarion

Sake maker returns! Plus More …

Fill a Barrel [G&S] (made in the Carpentry) provides the possibility of different types, palates, aromas, nuances and glasses with energy for all the drinks produced PLUS Appellation of Origin. Using the Normal option will deliver a classic barrel and you will lose the different types, flavours and 0 energy.

Example of some of the different types:
– Soft Golden Beer
– Faint Toasted Rence Beer
– Warm Taru Sake
– Semi-dry Traditional Mead
– Soft White Cocoa liquor
– Faint Light Paga

Appellation of Origin: Obtaining barrels with appellation of origin can only be completed and be effective after fermenting 15 barrels and continue of same product, in the same sim with an activated appellation of origin in the Control Panel [G&S]. If you rezz or reset the Fermentor/Still, the counter is reset and you have to ferment/distill again the first 15 barrels of the same product to again get back barrels with denomination of origin.

… Available to purchase at the [G&S] Main Store and MarketPlace

Fermentor V3.0

1 unit of grain – 1 Beer barrel
1 bale of rence – 1 Rence beer barrel
10 units of rice – 1 Sake barrel
1 jar of honey – 1 Mead barrel

Fermentor Help File: Fermentador / Fermentor V3.0 [G&S]

Still V3.0

1 unit of grain – 1 Paga barrel
10 units of suls – 1 Sul Paga barrel
5 units of cocoa beans – 1 Cocoa liquor barrel
1 unit of grapes – 1 Brandy barrel

Still Help File: Alambique / Still V3.0 [G&S]

*New Rare* Torvis Tharlarion

For the possibility of obtaining the new rare tharlarion you need multi-crossbreed which are bought in the [G&S] Store.


September 14, 2018

Arbol del Cacao / Cocoa Tree [G&S]

Chocolate has arrived in G&S!!!

… Available to purchase at the [G&S] Store and MarketPlace

HUD Cookbook (Vol 1.14) [G&S] with 12 NEW RECIPES with COCOA!

PLUS 2 NEW Secret Recipes
(*BOOK*) Tarta de chocolate / Chocolate cake [G&S] and (*BOOK*) Trufas de chocolate / Chocolate truffles [G&S]
Study on the desk to obtain the recipes and to be able to cook in the kitchen.

Appellation of Origin: Obtaining cocoa with appellation of origin can only be completed and be effective by growing the cocoa tree, drying the cocoa pods from the tree, and grinding the dried cocoa beans in the same sim with an activated appellation of origin in the Control Panel [G&S].

More information here : Cocoa
Cocoa Tree Help File: Arbol del cacao / Cocoa Tree [G&S]

Moledora / Grinder [G&S]

Grinds grain, rence or cocoa:
1 Sack of grain = 14 flour
1 Bale of Rence = 14 rence flour
5 Cocoa bean = 6 cocoa

The Plus gives the opportunity to receive extra units of the final material from the Grinder and will depend on the dice roll. Luck and energy in the RP-HUD G&S gives a plus in the dice roll in the action of grinding.

Dice Roll:
One = one less unit
Fail = no extra unit
Success = plus one unit
Critical Hit = plus two units

Example: Load 5 cocoa beans into the Grinder and get a Critical Hit dice roll = [Sack] of 8 Cocoa!

Grinder Help File: Moledora / Grinder [G&S]

AND … 2 NEW Rare Branches for the Winemakers!

2 new vineyard genome letters will appear in the capture boxes of branches in the Tuna Tournaments! Sadly, 2 aroma/nuance letters have been removed.


May 22, 2018

Branches (rares) [G&S]

From the 26th May, you have the possibility  of fishing the branches (rares) in a Tuna Tournament [G&S]


May 7, 2018


1- New vineyards with a variety of genetics
2- Type, palate, aroma and nuances in wines
3- Manufacture and/or design your own barrels
4- Create your own appellation origin

Available in the [G&S] Store and marketplace.

Important Information: Winemaker [G&S] (includes links to the G&S Google Drive Help Files)

Link to view active Appellations of Origin [G&S]:

SecondLife Group: [G&S] Wines & Vineyards – support, sales (coin/trade/$L) & general intoxicating chat

Help Files:
Vineyard 3.0
Propagator of cuttings
Winepress 3.0
Barrel made in the Carpentry
Control Panel


Q. Do I need to plant Cuttings when I first buy and rez the Vineyard 3.0 [G&S]?
– No. On initial rez after purchasing a new vineyard from the G&S main store, it comes preseeded with Grapes to select for your Harvest type (crop) – currently there is only one type of grape.
– Once you select the Harvest type on first rez, the field is set to that until you click Clear or pick up the field and transfer to another avi or hold the field in your inventory for 10+ days or the Cycles for a particular grape is limited. You will then need Cuttings to grow your vineyard.

Q. Can I update my old G&S vineyard to the new Vineyards 3.0 [G&S]?
– No. The new vineyards are a new and different product.

Q. Are the old vineyards going to stop working?
– No. They will continue to grow as per normal and make the same old wines.
– The old fields are no longer available to purchase from the G&S main store.

Q. How do I make the different wine varieties?
– The Vineyard 3.0 [G&S] you purchase from the main store has a genetic code of A00000 which is a Soft Red Wine. Branches (box of 4 with random genetic information) are available to purchase for [G&S] Coin at the main store. Load the Branches into the Propagator of cuttings [G&S] to create a Cutting to plant in your vineyard to change the type of grape variety with different flavours/aromas/etc growing in the the Vineyard 3.0. after your Clear the current harvest,
– The sacks/baskets from the Vineyard 3.0 must be pressed in the new Winepress 3.0 using the ‘Fill’ option and a Barrel [G&S] (created in the carpentry) to maintain the flavors of the wine. Using the ‘Normal’ option you receive a classic barrel and will lose the wine flavors obtained from the Vineyard 3.0.
– As you become a proficient viticulturist you will look for the most precious flavors and the most exotic nuances, combining them and creating unique wines by blending the genomes of Branches for different types of Cuttings to grow/sell/trade.

Q. How do I make a Barrel [G&S]?
– The Barrel (containing a script) is made on the carpentry but first you need to make the Hoops on the forge. The formula for the hoops and the plan for the barrel are available to purchase for [G&S] Coin at the main store.
– There is also a carpentry Study Book available to purchase to become a Master Cooper and create your own personalised barrels. Once studied you will manufacture on the carpentry to receive a script to place into a full perm barrel which will then become compatible with the Winepress 3.0. You cannot remove the script from the barrel/object once it has been activated, if you do it is broken.

Q. How do I press the grapes from my new Vineyard 3.0 to make wine?
– You have 4 options to make wine:
1. Use the new Winepress 3.0 and ‘Fill’ a Barrel 2018 you made on the carpentry.
2. Use the new Winepress 3.0 and ‘Fill’ a custom barrel containing the Master Cooper (studied) script.
3. Use the new Winepress 3.0 and select ‘Normal’, you will receive a classic barrel but will lose the wine flavours.
4. Use the old winepress – you will lose the wine flavours.

Q. Can I press the old vineyards grape baskets in the new Winepress 3.0 [G&S]?
– Yes. You can press the ‘old’ baskets of grapes (and kalana) in the new Winepress 3.0 and get the old ‘classic barrels’ by selecting Normal after pressing your grapes from the menu options, or you can Fill a Barrel [G&S] (made in the carpentry) with the old wine, and ferment as normal.

Q. Can I press the new Vineyards 3.0 grape sacks/baskets in the old winepress?
– The sack can be used in both the old and the new winepress but if you press a new variety wine in the old press, you will lose the flavours. The baskets can only be used in the new WinePress 3.0. If you press a new variety wine in the old press, you will lose the flavours.

Q. Can I update my old G&S winepress to the new Winepress 3.0 [G&S]?
– No. The new winepress is a new and different product.

Q. Do I need to preserve the grapes from the new Vineyard 3.0 [G&S]?
– No.

Q. Can I drink the new wines?
– Yes. Be adventurous. Enjoy a glass of wine with delicious aromas and nuances that you have put a lot of care, time and effort into making!

Q. Can I cook with the new wines?
– Yes. The new wines, and wines with Appellation of Origin, can be used like any other wine, to drink them or to use them in recipes of kitchen that need any type of wine

Q. Do I need the Control Panel to grow the new grapes for the different varieties of wines?
– No.

Q. What is the Control Panel and the Appellation of Origin?
– The Control Panel is required only if you choose to have your Appellation of Origin (farm/vineyard/sim) name on your Barrel [G&S] wines eg hover text will show as * Hunters * Great reserve 2018, and the barrel name will also show your Appellation name eg [Barrel 2018] Hunters Great reserve 2018 [10] [G&S].
– The Control Panel is part of the Ranking. Only the numbered Great Reserve wine barrels are counted in the Ranking (, and the winner will have their Appellation wine as a component of a [G&S] recipe.
– The purchase of the Control Panel includes the first month fee for Appellation ($500L). Ongoing payments (in advance up to a maximum of 90 days) can be made to continue the Appellation at the main store.
– A sim has the Appellation of Origin, only one control panel can be activated. Any person who shares the sim with an active Control Panel, even if they do not belong to the group of the Control Panel and other equipment, will be able to obtain wines with the appellation of origin of the sim with their own objects placed in the same sim. The process of appellation of origin can only be completed and be effective, if the control panel, the vineyards, the propagator and the winepress, are rezzed in the same sim throughout the wine making process. If you own the control panel and for any reason you change to another sim, you will keep the appellation of origin of your wines in the new sim. (Check before moving that the new sim does not have an activated appellation of origin).
– The Appellation ‘name’ remains with the Control Panel. If you move sim and rez the Control Panel there, the new sim shows in the Appellations of Origin but … The most recognized appellations of origin are also those whose wine production goes back in time, so think well on what sim you are going to start in. Every time you move to another sim you will be penalized in the ranking.

Q. What are the steps to make the new wines with the Appellation of Origin and Ranking?
– To participate in the ranking of appellations of origin, you must obtain barrels of Great Reserve wine with your Appellation of Origin and number them in your sim. Only these numbered barrels will be counted in the ranking. It is important to read Winemaker [G&S].
– The steps to get wines with denomination of origin are the following:
1. Activate and configure the control panel in a sim. From this moment the sim is registered in the system with the name of appellation of origin that you have configured.
2. Activate the propagator in the sim (or re-rezz it if you already did it previously)
3. Create cuttings in the propagator of the sim using any type of branches, regardless of the origin of the branches, the resulting cutting will bear the appellation of origin.
4. Clear the vineyards of the sim and plant the new cuttings, keep in mind that these cuttings will only transmit the appellation of origin to the vineyards of the sim, not to other vineyards that are in other places.
5. Wait patiently until your vineyards are ready to be harvested and collect the grapes.
6. Press the grapes in the Winepress 3.0 that is in the sim with the option “fill”, using barrels created in the carpentry. If you use other presses on other sims or if you use the Normal option you will lose the appellation of origin.
7. Let the wine ferment and mature until its last process in the sim. If at any time during its maturity the barrel transfers to another sim, they lose the appellation of origin.

Q. I already purchased and rezzed the Vineyards 3.0 and Propagator of cuttings [G&S]. Can I still purchase a Control Panel for the Appellation of Origin?
– Yes. See above steps 1 and 2.Q. Can I drink a Great Reserve wine that has been numbered and counted in the Appellation of Origin Ranking?
– Yes. Once numbered, you can drink the whole barrel, even delete it, the points are saved in the Ranking.

Q. I have more questions … ?
– You have a few options:
1. Join the [G&S] Support Group (Guardian de las Sombras *Soporte*)
Over 4000 members, including G&S ‘gurus’, in this friendly support group to assist on general G&S product enquiries and problems (enjoyable conversation is also welcome). Please read and adhere to the Group Charter & Rules.
2. Join the SecondLife Group: [G&S] Wines & Vineyards – a group specifically for support, sales (coin/trade/$L) & general intoxicating chat.