Love’s Heart Farm

 Manager: Acqui (aquiet1)

We are a private farm, group owned, so to visit, a tag is necessary (please IM Acqui prior to visiting).

We are a family of three that have a simple farm, and a love for taming tharlarions.  Though we are currently on Earth, our roots began in Gor for all of us.

Our focus is Tharlarion taming, custom Blacksmith orders and repairs, and other product orders. Please send a notecard to Acqui with any taming and order enquiries.

Tharlarion Services: We have simple pricing.  All taming orders are 50L or 4500c.   Provide your own Tharlarion or let us know what color, age, gender and we will find it for you.  We will charge the price of the Tharlarion plus the taming fee.  Turn around can be 1-2 days depending on the number of orders we have.

Blacksmith Services: If you need tool repair, we will do that as well.  5L or 400c for your tools that require iron, and 10L or 800c for the tools that require steel or a special recipe (Master pickaxe).  This saves you a considerable amount of money over buying new ones.