Appellations of Origin

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Appellation of Origin [G&S]
~ 2018 Winners ~

1st * Hunters * @ Hunters XXIII
2nd * Athanatos * @ Immortals
3rd * Rotnaros Wines * @ Fini

~ Winners Recipes ~
Recipes are appellation exclusive and must be made with the specified wine of Appellation of Origin! It can be in barrels of any year, it can be a common wine, reserve or a great reserve, numbered or unnumbered, and it can be of any flavour or aroma class.

Hunters drunk Bosk roll [G&S] (Rollo bosk borracho Hunters)
1x Butter
3x Bosk Meat
1x * Hunters * Appellation Wine

Athanatos Verr chops [G&S] (Chuletas de verr Athanatos)
1x Tomato
3x Verr Meat
1x * Athanatos * Appellation Wine

Rotnaros Tarsk ribs [G&S] (Costillas tarsk Rotnaros)
1x Butter
3x Tarsk Meat
1x * Rotnaros Wines * Appellation Wine